Rosie and Friends: One-of-a-Kindness by Helen Hipp

Embark on a new safari with Hornsby the rhino as he comes face-to-face with losing his sense of belonging. No longer accepted by his herd, Hornsby searches for companionship. With the help of his new buddies, Hornsby learns that his life is one of a kind, and that spreading his kindness is a good way…

Little Broken Things

Thank you to Nicole Baart for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis: An engrossing and suspenseful novel for fans of Liane Moriarty and Amy Hatvany about an affluent suburban family whose carefully constructed facade starts to come apart with the unexpected arrival of an endangered young girl. I have something for you….

Truly Madly Guilty- Liane Moriarty

Thank you to Booksparks and Flatiron books for sending us a copy of TMG in exchange for an honest review! In Truly Madly Guilty, Liane Moriarty turns her unique, razor-sharp eye towards three seemingly happy families. Sam and Clementine have a wonderful, albeit busy, life: they have two little girls, Sam has just started a…

The Breakdown – B.A. Paris

Synopsis from Goodreads: If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust? Cass is having a hard time since the night she saw the car in the woods, on the winding rural road, in the middle of a downpour, with the woman sitting inside―the woman who was killed. She’s been trying to put the crime out…

Little Gray Dress- Aimee Brown

This is right up the alley of those who enjoy watching a hallmark movies or other popular romantic comedies! If you are a fan of Emily Giffin, Sophie Kinsella, or similar rockin’ chick lit authors, you need to put Aimee Brown on your radar! Her debut novel was refreshing and a dazzling display of what she’s capable of! My only compliant about the book is that I want to know what happened next- I wish it didn’t end!

Eden- Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg

Eden is teeming with secrets, courage, strength, abundant with tales from a dysfunctional family, and with a message that the spirit of family, though dim at times, can prevail anything that is set as an obstacle. With its’ multi-dimensional and multi-generational characters and setting, Blasberg has hit it out of the park with her first novel. I cannot wait to see what she has coming for us next. I highly recommend Eden and it’s a strong contender for my favorite novel so far this year. 

Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult

Synopsis from GoodReads: Ruth Jefferson is a labor and delivery nurse at a Connecticut hospital with more than twenty years’ experience. During her shift, Ruth begins a routine checkup on a newborn, only to be told a few minutes later that she’s been reassigned to another patient. The parents are white supremacists and don’t want…

Good Sam & Perfectly Good Crime- Dete Meserve *Plus Interview*

Both books have gripping story lines that keep you interested throughout, but when the truth comes out and the book closes, it leaves you feeling lighter. If you are looking for a story unlike any other with a healthy balance of mystery and romance, you will not be disappointed. Meserve has absolutely nailed it with these intriguing, thought-provoking novels and they will leave a lasting imprint on both your mind and your heart.

The Good Widow – Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Book Blurb Elementary school teacher Jacqueline “Jacks” Morales’s marriage was far from perfect, but even in its ups and downs it was predictable, familiar. Or at least she thought it was…until two police officers showed up at her door with devastating news. Her husband of eight years, the one who should have been on a…

The Hideaway- Lauren Denton

With a little bit of sweat and a whole lot of perseverance, Sara was able to discover much more than what she expected and, ultimately found her purpose at the Hideaway. The characters in this story were utterly delightful and the love story between Mags and William was heartwarming. I couldn’t help but transport myself to the idyllic town of Sweet Bay and immerse myself in the plot.

From Sand and Ash- Amy Harmon

This was one of my favorite pieces of the book. It made me just sit and think for a minute about we are passed on through our children. It was an amazing thought that family is not blood, yet those who we love, those we treat with kindness, and those we respect. I am a new reader of Amy Harmon, but I am now a fan of hers. This book is not just a book; it will stay with me. This is one of the reasons I love to read. Not many things in this life can touch you the way someone’s words do…