All About Holly

Hello fellow booknerds!  I am a thirty-something from Wisconsin who is shamelessly addicted to books.  Reading books, reviewing books, shopping for books, gifting books, photographing books, sharing books, I LOVE IT ALL!  I have been married to my husband for five wonderful years and am mommy to two littles (Ev – 3 & Rory- 1).  I am lucky enough to work full time in a career that lets me surround myself with books each day.

What I read: Everything, but mostly fiction.  I especially love women’s fiction, suspense and YA.  I also read an insane amount of board books and picture books (over and over) to my bookworms in training.

Other Interests: I love to write (although I don’t find much time to do it).  Shopping is my stress relief (much to my husband’s dismay).  Coffee is my fuel (necessary to function).

I am so excited to start this venture with Amber, Amy & Kristen and am grateful to each of our visitors!  We love to hear your comments and suggestions, so don’t hesitate to leave us messages or pop us an email!