All About Amber

Hello my fellow bibliophiles!  I’m Amber, and I’m a 30-something MLIS-holding newlywed, born, raised, and still living in good ol’ Sconnie where I’m a proud parent of two furbabies, Nacho and Chili.

My love of reading can be attributed to my mom who began reading to me daily shortly after I was born.  As soon as I was able to sound the words out for myself, all bets were off.  I’ve been walking around with a book in my hand ever since.

When I’m not reading, I’m working, listening to music, or trying to win my Fitbit challenges (seriously).  But to be honest, I’m reading most of the time.

My preferred genres include psychological thrillers, horror, women’s fiction, “regular” fiction, and YA.  As for nonfiction, I’m a big fan of memoirs, as well as biographies and some history.

When it comes to reviews, I prefer those that are short, sweet, and to the point. I’ll tell you what did or didn’t work for me and why in quick sound bites rather than retelling the entire synopsis (you can read that on the back cover – you don’t need me to repeat it).   I’m looking forward to sharing some great reads with everyone!