Learning To Fall ~ by Anne Clermont

Thank you to Booksparks for providing me with a free copy of the book one exchange for my honest review. 

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Brynn honors her passion for horses by studying at the toughest veterinary program in the country. Months from graduating, tragedy strikes—tragedy for which she can’t help but feel responsible. Brynn feels suffocated by the weight of her father’s legacy and his dusty hopes for horse show jumping success. When Brynn’s frenetic efforts to dig the family business out of debt fail, she’s down to one desperate hope.

Enter Jason Lander, who understands what it’s like to walk away from the ring. The onetime champion agrees to train Brynn, and her horse Jett, for an all-or-nothing run at the prestigious Million Dollar Gold Cup. But going all the way means doing it his way, which has Brynn questioning her decisions, her loyalties, and her growing feelings for Jason—complicating her relationship with her lover.

Set in Northern California against a stunning backdrop of coastal hills and valleys, Learning to Fall is about discovering how to let go—and how to hang on with your heart.

Fans of Seabiscuit and The Horse Whisperer will love this beautifully written debut; one they’re bound to add to their shelf of favorites.


One of my favorite things about the books we get from Booksparks is the variety of topics and genres, and the fact that they get me reading books I normally probably wouldn’t pick up. Enter Learning to Fall by Anne Clermont. It’s got horses on the cover. I’m not a horse person. I would’ve missed this gem if it weren’t for Booksparks.
This is such a beautiful, heartfelt, emotional story, meant for savoring. I loved that the bonds shared in this book, between both the people and the animals, were ones that I could feel. The connections were palpable. It’s not an easy read. It’s not a book for speed-reading to kill some time. It’s one to lose yourself in. ~Amber

Purchase Links: Barnes & Noble IndieBound Amazon

Learn about the author on her Website. Find her online on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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