The Future She Left Behind ~by Marin Thomas

Thank you to the author and publisher for sending us copies of the book in exchange for our honest reviews. 

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Cast aside by her cheating husband, Katelyn Chandler is ready to pack it all in and drive home to Little Springs, Texas. She wants a chance to regroup, reconnect with her mother, and get back to her art.

But Shirley Pratt–master manipulator, elitist snob, and Katelyn’s terror of a live-in monster-in-law–has other ideas. Shirley insists on joining Katelyn’s trip after her son tries to pack her off to a retirement community. Katelyn has no choice but to play peacekeeper between the ornery old woman and the proud matrons of Little Springs. Yet the small town seems to be changing Shirley. And as Katelyn weighs the wisdom of picking up where she left off with Jackson Mendoza, the town bad boy and her high school sweetheart, she must find a way to believe in the strength of her dreams.


Amber: Oh my gosh, this book had me laughing out loud from start to finish. It was exactly the women’s fiction book I needed and wanted to read this summer. It had the expected arc of women going through an emotional experience that helps them grow and rediscover themselves, and the empowering female camaraderie that I enjoy so much. It also had the smart ass characters, in this case both a mother and a mother-in-law, who speak their minds whenever and wherever they please, regardless of who will hear or the consequences. And these women had so many spot-on comments that I lost track of how many times I nearly spit my coffee all over the pages.

I don’t feel that I need to say more about this book. The outcome of the story was expected yet comforting. I knew how it would end, but that was part of the book’s appeal: the surprise and enjoyment of the journey from A to B. The characters were sassy and smart and funny as hell. (And the pages smell divine.) Ms. Thomas did everything right in writing this book and fans of women’s fiction definitely need to add this to their shelves.

Amy: Like Amber, this book had me laugh out loud a few times. I got weird looks from strangers on the train, and even stranger looks from my husband when I snorted after one of Shirley’s barbs. I think what I really loved about this book was how it felt “easy like Sunday Morning” (thanks, Commodores). Katelyn has a lot of complex issues… but the story doesn’t go to deep in the nuances… and it doesn’t need to. The story carries itself and never left me wanting more or with burning questions that I felt were left unanswered. It was a fantastic end of summer read. I will definitely be checking out more books by Marin Thomas.

Holly:  This was the first book I have read my Marin Thomas, and it really made me wonder: why on Earth have I waited this long?!  I loved her quirky characters (even the mother-in-law) and the humorous, yet realistic situations they find themselves in.  It’s a wonderful read about creating a beginning in what seems to be the end and discovering friendship and love that can get you through.  I cannot recommend this read enough for women’s fiction fans or for a fabulous book club discussion.  I will definitely be picking up another Marin Thomas read soon.


I have read Marin Thomas before, but this was my favorite! The characters were b auto fully written- you loved them, hated them, wanted to roll your eyes at them, and so much more! This was a fun women’s fix-Lit book to us to read and talk about! We all adored the interesting characters, intriguing storyline, and  of course, the ending! This book was real and it made me laugh so much. I would love another book with Katelyn, her mother, and good Ol’ Shirley! Feel free to leave Don out of this one- I don’t like that man!

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