The Goddesses- Swan Huntley


Thank you to Booksparks for including us in the 2017 reading challenge and offering us The Goddesses in exchange for an honest review!


When Nancy and her family arrive in Kona, Hawaii, they are desperate for a fresh start. Nancy’s husband has cheated on her; they sleep in separate bedrooms and their twin sons have been acting out, setting off illegal fireworks. But Hawaii is paradise: they plant an orange tree in the yard; they share a bed once again and Nancy resolves to make a happy life for herself. She starts taking a yoga class and there she meets Ana, the charismatic teacher. Ana has short, black hair, a warm smile, and a hard-won wisdom that resonates deeply within Nancy. They are soon spending all their time together, sharing dinners, relaxing in Ana’s hot tub, driving around Kona in the cute little car Ana helps Nancy buy. As Nancy grows closer and closer to Ana—skipping family dinners and leaving the twins to their own devices she feels a happiness and understanding unlike anything she’s ever experienced, and she knows that she will do anything Ana asks of her. A mesmerizing story of friendship and manipulation set against the idyllic tropical world of the Big Island, The Goddesses is a stunning psychological novel by one of our most exciting young writers.


I really enjoyed The Goddesses. It wasn’t dripping with suspense or incredibly fast paced, but that made it more enjoyable for me. It allowed us to get a deep look at the characters- mostly Chuck, Ana, and Nancy, but also get a feel for why they were making the choices they did. When Nancy and her family moved to Hawaii, she threw herself into her friendship with Ana. I could sense Chuck’s frustration with it, but, at this point in the story, I felt he really didn’t earn a say in any of it. As things progressed, I began to sway in my allegiance to Ana because of some of the things she’d do or say were just odd. This books gives you a biased look into this family’s life, and the pressures of being a mom, wife, and friend. It’s teeming with secrets and betrayals and will keep you wanting more.

Definitely recommend this read! ~Kris

I went into this book expecting a lot more tension between the characters, more extreme highs and lows in the storyline. But that wasn’t the case. Yes, there is a lot of conflict that plays out within these pages, between husband and wife, parents and children, and friends, but it never felt as extreme and I was anticipating. This isn’t a bad thing. This is just a contrast to what I’ve been reading lately and reminds me that I need to see each book for its own value.

I appreciated that this book really took a deeper look into female friendships; what it’s like to make new friends at different stages in life, what we expect from our friendships, what the other people in our lives expect from those friendships, and the reality when they don’t play out the way we expected.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new voice in women’s fiction. The characters are really fleshed out well, and regardless of your current lot in life, I think you’ll be able to find something relatable in Nancy’s search to find herself again. And did I mention it’s set in Hawaii? *swoon* ~Amber

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