The Guineveres- Sarah Domet

Thank you to Booksparks for providing us with free copies of the book in exchange for our honest reviews.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

To four girls who have nothing, their friendship is everything: they are each other’s confidants, teachers, and family. The girls are all named “Guinevere”―Vere, Gwen, Ginny, and Win―and it is the surprise of finding another Guinevere in their midst that first brings them together. They come to The Sisters of the Supreme Adoration convent by different paths, delivered by their families, each with her own complicated, heartbreaking story that she safeguards; however, the girls are more than the sum of their parts and together they form the all powerful and confident “The Guineveres,” bound by the extraordinary coincidence of their names and girded against the indignities of their plain, sequestered lives. Author Sarah Domet explores their almighty friendship as the desperate teens concoct a plan to escape from the isolated abbey. 

This was an interesting read for me. I’m generally not one who enjoys large doses of religion in her books, but this story being based around the four Guineveres living in the convent orphanage worked for me. It added an emotional dimension to the story that it may not have had otherwise. 

I think this book could appeal to readers on all four of the doorways: characters, story, setting, and language. 

  • Characters: a lot of distinct personalities
  • Story: four girls with the same, fairly unique, name all end up at the convent orphanage; they form a bond and are determined to find a way out 
  • Setting: convent orphanage, mid-1900s America during “the war” (this is a guesstimate as it’s never explicitly stated – I was leaning toward WWII)
  • Language: nothing incredibly over-the-top, but it contains a lot of attractive phrases and paragraphs; easy to visualize this world and empathize/sympathize with the characters 

If you’re intrigued by the synopsis, I would definitely give it a try. I found it to be quite an engaging slow-burn novel. Great debut effort by Domet. ~Amber 

As Domet’s debut novel, I was impressed by her ability to create such a character rich story. Although abundant with interesting characters, they could have been more complex, although described well. The storyline was somewhat sad and depressing, highlighting the girls’ hardship- while I could empathize with them, it was hard to find it relatable. I think the author did the Catholic religion justice, describing everything in a respectful, true light. Although this storyline wasn’t my cup of tea, I do feel like the author’s ability to create characters that piqued my curiosity and details that grabbed my attention made it a worthwhile read. ~Kris

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