Behind Her Eyes- Part One- by Sarah Pinborough

Warning!!! This post may include some information containing SPOILERS! Please proceed at your own risk!!

As a group, we decided to buddy read this and discuss as we go—–> take a look!



I think he’s responsible for killing the cat.

What about the fire? Did he set the fire that killed Adele’s parents? (Cue flashback to a fav CoHo novel) He had incredible timing otherwise.

He’s obviously dealing with anger issues…. so what’s he hiding?

Did he do something to cause the need for a ‘fresh start’?

I like the paint color green– why did he react so negatively to it?

Near the end of this first part, Adele makes a comment about David helping her when she was a little girl; how far back does their story go?? (Chapter 16, page 77: I learned all about it in a book David gave me when I was little.) Are we going to find out they’re more than just husband and wife or are they just so close because of what they have been through together (the reason for the fresh start, maybe?)?


What is she planning? It’s something…. we all know it.

On page 50 she says “she doesn’t suspect a thing” meaning Louise doesn’t suspect a thing- does this mean that Adele’s behind all this?

What is with the notebook and dreams? How are they related? We know that Adele is using Louise in some way and that they are “connected” through their “dreams”, which adds a whole other messed up element to this book.

How does she know what is going on when she’s not there? (i.e. Adele knew Louise tried to fend him off – HOW?) She takes mental notes about Louise’s place when she’s there- Did she bug her place when she went over to Louise’s place before they went to the gym or follow David over there and find a way to watch? It seems as if she’s watching everything, but it’s very unlikely that David told her everything… this is crazy. *Could be the crazy twist that will become the #wtfthatending….

Louise: She is a somewhat normal woman who made bad life choices (homewrecker?) and is now going to be caught up in some crazy game. P.S. The whole homewrecker thing is just a minor detail at this point. I mean she is not the man who is married here… or the wife trying to coerce her husband into a relationship with another woman…. This is seriously f*cked up!

Okay so here are more of our thoughts…

This book actually started kind of slow and then really sucked us in.  I think the point when Adele decided to be Louise’s friend is when I was pulled into the plot… or maybe when David gave the notion that Adele may be sticking her nose into things or orchestrating them the way she wants to… All I know is that once I was pulled in, I could not stop reading!!!!

And the craziness of it all… I mean A. how did Adele’s husband happen to kiss a woman who suffers from the same night terrors as his wife (I mean, what are the odds?!?!) and B. why does Adele want him to? (There’s no way is Louise just a random selection, and plus, why on Earth would you want your husband sucking face with some other woman?)

I’m still unsure of who is more messed up: Adele or David. I almost feel bad for Louise, but she should have done a better job fending off the attractive-man-from-the-bar-who-turned-out-to-be-her-new-boss-who-is-married-to-a-stunningly-beautiful-but-kind-of-needy-woman.

Also, I want to find out how this Rob character fits into all of this. I’m sure there’s more to come about him…..

On to Part 2…..

Happy Reading!!!!!

Amber, Amy, Holly, & Kristen

Side note::  *Amber- It literally took me until chapter 8 to realize that Adele’s David was the same David who is in the rest of the story (insert face palm here)

Really Amber!?!?!?!? Face palm x3…..

Thank you so much to Flatiron Books for this AMAZING ARC!!! We cannot wait to finish!!




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