Stepmother ~ By Marianne Lile

Stepmother tells the story of Marianne Lile, who met a man, fell in love, got married, and arrived home from the honeymoon with a new label: stepmom. It was a role she initially embraced but she quickly discovered she was alone in a difficult situation, with no handbook and no mentor. Here, Lile describes the complexities of the stepmom position, in a family and in the community, and shares her experience wearing a tag that is often misunderstood and weighed down by the numerous myths in society. Candid and poignant, Stepmother is a story of love and like, resentments and exasperation, resignation and hope and a story, ultimately, of family.

This was such an engaging story to read.  There are plenty of stories and memoirs that have been written from the point-of-view of the children of divorce.  Stories of the evil stepparent who has come to wreak havoc on their lives, stories of stepparents who have stepped up to the plate and have filled the role of the missing parent in just the way that was needed by the child.  A plethora of these stories have been told by “the children”.  But I’m not sure that I’ve ever read one that was told from the point-of-view of the stepparent.

Marianne’s memoir was refreshing in that it was a new voice (for me, at least) in this arena of divorced/remarried/blended family stories.  Her story is by no means easy, and she doesn’t sugarcoat the tough parts.  But she’s honest and real and human.  (“There.  Is.  Just.  So.  Much.  Emotion.”)  And I think that alone makes it relatable for many people.  We all struggle and we all have to find our way through sticky situations.  This is definitely a story worth reading.

About the Author (from

SONY DSCMarianne Lile lives in Seattle, WA. She has been a stepmother and mother of three children for over twenty years. This is her first book.


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Thank you to BookSparks for providing me with a copy of this book as part of their Magic of Memoir tour.


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