Poetry Spotlight: J.R. Rogue & Kat Savage

I’m going to be honest with you all: I like poetry.  A lot.  I used to read it frequently, especially when I was in college.  I am going to admit something else:  I don’t read it nearly as much as I should anymore.
When I joined Instagram, I found J.R. Rogue’s name through authors I followed (ie. Tarryn Fisher, Colleen Hoover) and began following her feed.  The rawness of her poetry spoke to my heart and soul, and I spent a signific6e920388f11e15d24bcf6f6c2f09dcd-2cant amount of time scrolling through her social media.  I quickly went to her site and purchased her latest collection of poetry at the time, La Douleur Exquise. I impatiently waited for the mail to come.  When I recieved it, I sat down, and I inhaled it.

My Goodreads review directly after finishing La Douleur Exquise was: I could read this book of poetry over and over. And will. The pure emotion and the perfect description of love and loss will make me return to J.R. Rogue’s words many times. Even if you’re not a big poetry reader, the poems in this collection will move you.

I was hooked.  Bring on your words J.R. Rogue.  I want to read them all.

2e02d1960cdbaed336bc5ae181c54ae9Then I discovered that J.R. Rogue’s best friend, Kat Savage, is also an insanely talented poet.  I immediately started to read Kat’s work on social media and ordered her collection Mad Woman.  When Mad Woman arrived, I opened the package and dived right in.  I loved it so much that I pre-ordered Anchors & Vacancies. 

My Goodreads review of Kat Savage’s latest, Anchors & Vacancies was:  This book is full of heartbreak and love that we can all relate to. Those days when we think we can’t heal, the days when we want nothing more than to heal, and the times between where we’re just trying to find our way back to who we were. Beautiful words which bring back so many moments and memories.

Again.  I need all of Kat Savage’s writing.

This is one of the many reasons I adore social media.  If it weren’t for networking, I might never have discovered two writers that I greatly admire and respect.  Both of these women are strong.  They are real.  They are the type of women that I hope my little girl looks up to some day.  They write about love, hate, feeling, survival.  I want to commit their words to memory and carry them around everywhere with me, to have when days are beautiful and bold as well as when days are bleak and heavy.

J.R. Rogue

J.R. Rogue currently has three books of poetry available both through her website and Amazon (La Douleur Exquise, Tell Me Where It Hurts, and An Open Suitcase & New Blue Tears).  You can also pre-order her upcoming limited edition poetry book Rogue releasing in late November.  J.R. Rogue released her first novel, Burning Muses, this past spring (which is also a must read).


Kat Savage

Kat Savage has two collections of poetry available now, Mad Woman and Anchors & Vacancies which can be purchased through her etsy shop as well as on Amazon.  Her upcoming release Redamancy can be pre-ordered right now and will be releasing November 25th.


The only thing I ask of you all after reading this is to check out J.R. Rogue and Kat Savage on social media.  Scroll through their words and read what their work means to those who have read it.  You won’t be sorry.




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