First Comes Love – Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin has been a favorite of mine for a while. A few years ago, I schlepped four of her [hardback] books in my luggage on my way to spend two months in Idaho for work. (This was the first time I actually considered that an ereader would be a wise purchase.) When I learned she would be speaking about her new book, First Comes Love in Naperville last month, I knew I had to attend.

Let me just say, Emily is fantastic in front of a crowd. She spoke to the room like she knew all of us. It even turns out that, as a former Naperville resident (she attended Naperville North High School), she actually did know a couple people in the room. She shared stories from her days of writing, production of Something Borrowed, sneak peeks of production of Something Blue (including reading the 1st line to the proposed script), and was just overall kind and chatty with her fans, including bringing one of her younger fans on stage to take pics (and a selfie) with.

Review: First Comes Love by Emily Giffin – published 6/28/2016

In First Comes Love, we meet sisters Josie and Meredith. Told from both perspectives, we join them as they live through their difficult relationship with each other and the completely different ways they process the grief of losing their brother, Daniel in a tragic accident. Having seven sisters of my own, I can appreciate the complicated bond of women who grew up in the same household but end up being so completely opposite. How we can love someone so deeply, but maybe feeling like we have nothing and everything in common with them at the same time. How I may not always get to connect with my sisters, but I feel fiercely loyal to them 100% of the time. How we sometimes expect that those closest to us to see the world as we do, especially when it comes to grief over a shared loved one.

I felt drawn to both characters. Giffin artfully alternates the sisters’ points of view, experiences with each other and the constant questioning of why relationships can’t just be simple. I found the entire storyline to be relatable and thought-provoking.

At the end of the day, this quote can sum up the overall message from this book: “Love has a way of working stuff out. Even the messy parts.” Love. At the end of the day, it all comes down to love.

love, amy


Order your copy of First Comes Love here.


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