Grab the tissues and hold on…

Broken Pieces by Kathleen Long

Destiny Jones is doing just fine on her own, thanks. From her thriving one-woman carpentry business to the loving support of her small-town community, Destiny has constructed a life as sturdy and polished as her best cabinets. Twenty years ago, Destiny’s world collapsed when her mother died and her father, Albert, abandoned his daughter to pursue acting in New York. His devastating exit taught Destiny a lesson in self-reliance that has kept her safe—and alone—ever since.

Now Albert Jones is back, begging for a second chance. Destiny suspects he’s simply staging another performance, starring himself as the prodigal father. Should she act on her misgivings? Or listen to her inner child, who still yearns for a family? When Albert divulges a shocking secret, Destiny’s life will again be turned upside down.

Kathleen Long’s warm, wise novel reveals the armor that has protected us in the past is often the very thing we must shed to fully live and love.


I devoured this book in 24 hours… absolutely dove in and allowed it to consume my life for a whole day. This book is a heart-wrenching story about relationships, hope, grief, and so much more. I can’t help but fall in love with Destiny- with her work ethic, her stubbornness, and her good heart. I’m on her team and rooting for her. I am backing her up when she has arguments with Albert, defending her opinions in my mind. Does everyone deserve a second chance? Is it fair to allow someone in who has done nothing more than been a ghost of the father you wish you had back into your life? Can he be trusted? Then the secrets start spilling out. I feel hurt, angry, confused, betrayed and mislead- every single emotion that she went through.

Although there is much more that I would like to tell you, I won’t because I want you to read this. To experience this beautifully written book. To lose sleep over it. To force yourself to put down the book and go get a box of tissues. To just have to take a second to catch your breath and digest everything that’s going on. I felt myself questioning so many things during this book and, as a parent, I couldn’t help but feel my heart break even more as the book progressed. Worth every tear…


Words that stayed with me……

“You are enough.”

“That’s the thing about life, though, isn’t it? Sooner or later, she throws every single one of us a curve ball.”

I thought about how my father labored now, working to give a second life to the garden, and perhaps to us. Second chances.

I was no longer the ten-year-old who needed her father’s approval. I was no longer the girl who climbed a tree to prove she could fly. I’d built my business without him. I’d built my life without him. Hearing his praise now only served to remind me how long I’d survived without it.

It was amazing how sharply the neglect of a person’s life came into focus once she stopped long enough to notice.

“Sooner or later, dear girl, everyone comes home. It might not be how we wanted or when we wanted, but they do.”

“You may tell me you know better, and you may think you know better, but deep inside that heart of yours there’s a little girl who still wants to believe he never meant to leave.”

“That’s the funny thing about crayons. Even the broken ones still color.”

“We live our lives, and we never stop to think how quickly things change. Until they do.”

“I know you want to fix this. Fix me. But maybe some things are just meant to stay broken.”

The truth was, sooner or later life broke everyone. We were all broken pieces. The trick was to gather up our remaining fragments and move forward.

Even though I had thought I’d been living the life I wanted to live, this life- a life I’d never imagined- was perfect beyond understanding. Perfect in all its imperfections, and challenges, and heartbreaks.

We weren’t perfect. We weren’t smooth. But we belonged. In the end, wasn’t that all that mattered?


If you are in need of a good cry- this book will do it! Go get it!

Amazon’s link- Under $8 right now!

As always, happy reading!

xoxo- Kris

  • Thank you so much to Net Galley and Lake Union Publishing for supplying me with this book in exchange for my review!











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