Adulting vs. Reading

August 1, 2016

I’ll start this off easy. Yes, we are a blog for book lovers, but let me tell you what- one of my favorite things in the whole, wide world is actually having enough time to read without feeling like I am neglecting someone or something. This weekend was a hot mess! Between my kids needing to go somewhere, my husband needing something done, the A/C leaking all over 3 rooms of our house, or my puppy feeling a bit left out, I felt a little crunched for time! So instead of playing outside with the kiddos and reading while soaking up some rays in the last 2 weeks and 3 days of summer (yes, I’m counting!), we were stuck being adults for a while…. and adults aren’t allowed to close the door on life and just read. (Unfortunately!)

Last week, I just finished up reading After You by Jojo Moyes because I was such a fan of Me Before You- and, yes, I’m excited for the movie! I love how Louisa is still coming to terms with everything that happened and has even more thrown in her lap on top of it all. Once again though, Moyes has delivered a heart-wrenching story where you can imagine yourself in the character’s shoes. Not going to throw out any spoilers for you ladies that haven’t had a chance to read those yet, but I could see another follow up to that one.

On my night stand now is a favorite of mine that is a few years old- Out To Lunch by Stacey Ballis…..Pamplemousse reference page 121! Reading her books makes me hungry because she has this amazing way of tying in some delish descriptions of food in her stories— on that note, off the to the kitchen for come chocolate bark!

Happy reading ladies!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. sarahpekkanen says:

    Congrats on launching this blog, you fabulous women! I’m your number one fan, but not in a creepy stalker-y way!
    Sarah Pekkanen


    1. Kristi says:

      I’m taking this last week of vacation and starting the Harry Potter series… I hate to even admit that I’ve never read them!


      1. I’m sure one of the ladies on here will be too! Be sure to post on our Facebook page with your thoughts on the book! We’d love to hear them! – K


    2. Thank you Sarah!!! You know, this is all your fault! haha! – K


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